Helping the Cause or Hurting the Cause?

2010 November 23
by Jennifer

In today’s edition of helping the cause or hurting the cause, I present these signs:

I saw this last week on the side of an abandoned building in back roads of Somewhere, South Carolina.   I made politely asked my Handsome Driver to turn around so we could get a closer look.


I thought it was called the Good News…? This feels a lot more like a threat.

I ask you this: Are you motivated by threat of punishment or promise of reward?

They may want to rethink their strategy.  Perhaps a more loving message?  Something about Joy? Forgiveness? Grace?

If it is the afterlife they are set on, I suggest a more Heaven (rather than Hell) centered approach.  Consider a sign about how Heaven is a magical place full of  laughter and ice cream and everyone you’ve ever loved—where its always the weekend and where we’ll all be able to fly, eat bottomless bowls of cereal and sing in perfect pitched harmony.  I know that would make me much more likely to buy whatever it is they are selling.

As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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