Beach Vacation: Watercolor, FL

2011 June 1

The day after we closed on the house(!) we packed up and headed down to Florida for a week at the beach. The timing of it all was almost too good to be true.

Last year I recapped the annual trip with a photo-essay staring my feet.

Although it was riveting, this year I wanted to give you a broader picture of our trip. It really was pure bliss.

One of the things I love most about being down at Watercolor is looking at all of the beautiful houses. Not a musty old beach cottage in the bunch.

There is something soothing about being in a community where even the sewage hoods and the lampposts are thoughtfully and uniformly designed.

Just going for a walk around the neighborhood is like thumbing through the pages of a glossy magazine. Add a podcast of All Songs Considered to the mix and there you have five of my favorite things all happening AT THE SAME TIME: walking, looking at pretty houses, listening to music, listening to smart people talk about music, and vacation. It was almost too much.

We intentionally chose to plan our spring vacation for a week that is still in the academic calendar. This meant that

  1. The beach was way less crowded
  2. I could get my snoop on and look in lots of windows at the interior décor without being arrested

After a delicious dinner at Fish Out of Water, we hung out by a neat fire pit by the beach-side pool.

Here I am sitting by the fire and practicing my Guliana Rancic pose: looking down and to the side. (The up-to-something smirk was my addition.)

And is there anything, anything better than going for a sunset beach cruise with The One You Love?

Well, maybe sharing a chocolate soufflé with warm flur de sel caramel sauce with him. Two nights in a row.

Ah, vacation!

Take me back.

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