Business Travel

2010 March 29
by Jennifer

On the outside of marriage looking in, I thought that I wouldn’t mind if my future husband had to travel a bit for work. I have always appreciated time to myself so I thought I would really like, nay look forward to those days every so often when my oneandonly has to travel for business. I was wrong.

My Man has traveled a fair amount for work over the past year and he happened to be out of town for a few nights last week. Sure this gives me the chance to watch my guilty pleasure DVR shows that I am certain he would neither enjoy nor respect me for watching.

And it also provides me the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen in attempt to turn chickpeas into homemade falafel, something I’m sure he wouldn’t enjoy as much as I did. (Click here for recipe)


But as soon as dinner and the evening entertainment come to an end the missing him really begins. All of the sudden I hear suspicious noises that I would never notice if he were at home. I get far less sleep than I do when he is here. I stay up much later than I would because my heightened paranoia leaves me unable to fall asleep easily, and I wake up earlier than my alarm because I am so relieved that I made it through the night unharmed.

But it’s not just the sleep. There is no one there to help me on my crosswords so I have no chance completing a puzzle with any sports or geographical clues. And although we had a long-distance relationship in our dating days, catching up and saying goodnight on the phone just doesn’t cut it anymore. I also have to sleep in socks because he is not on the other side of the bed, so kind to warm up my chronically cold feet.

So naturally on night three I packed up and headed to my parents house for a sleepover.

How could I resist a soak their cozy guest bathtub?

And a cereal buffet that dreams are made of?

And the fun that can be had in a mirrored room with a stereo?

And who could say no to an evening with these two?

Wait- here is a better picture. What, your parents don’t wear coordinating plaid outfits on Christmas Eve?

Time well spent.

Soon enough My Man came back home where he belongs. We caught up on the past few days in person, finished up that crossword, and I didn’t have to sleep in socks. For these and so many other reasons, I’m glad he’s back.


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