A Random Selection of Past Posts:


Road Test: Motion-sickness Cure

The Winter Olympics

Must Have Condiments

Business Travel

Growing up

Delayed Gratification

Insect Invasion

Spring Cleaning

Pop Fiction

Returning from Vacation

Sounds from the Basement

House Hunting

Killing a Cat

Vintage Mix CDs


On Pregnancy:

Big News!

Girl or Boy?

It’s a…

The Third Trimester

Baby Shower

Things I Will Not Do  as a Mother (famous last words…)

Final Thoughts on Pregnancy– two days from the due date


Life With Baby

Things I Miss about Being Pregnant

She’s Here!!

The Truth About the First Three Weeks


For the ladies–Rainy day workout DVD reviews:

Body by Bethenny:Unleashing Your Inner Skinnygirl

Jillian Michaels-No More Trouble Zones Workout

The Tracy Anderson Method-Mat Workout DVD and the power of celebrity endorsement

Guilty Pleasure Thursday- a selection as featured thus far:

Diet Coke

The Lottery Edition

The Peanut-butter Pie Situation

Magazines (for older ladies)

Sloppy Joes

Web MD

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    So where are the photos?!

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