Packing, Procrastinating, and Preparing to Move

2011 June 24

We move into The New House exactly two weeks from tomorrow. I am first and foremost supremely elated to be moving into a place of our very own. I am second and secondmost supremely overwhelmed about all of the things that need to happen between now and then.

I have to admit, the packing has been hanging over my head a bit. For some reason, I can’t buckle down and just do it. I am afraid to put things in taped-up boxes for fear that I might need something in them.

I had a heart-to-heart with myself the other night about packing a certain kitchen item.

Me: You should probably go ahead and pack the mini muffin pan.

Me: I don’t know. What if I need to make mini muffins between now and the move?

Me: You haven’t made mini muffins in the three years you have owned the mini muffin pan. Pack it.

Me: But what if I am craving mini muffins over the next few weeks? Then what?


One thing is for sure. In the new house, I’m going to be the kind of woman who bakes mini muffins. I’ll be known for my mini muffins. I am going to wear that damn pan out.

Although I may not have done much packing, I have done two very important things:

1. I have changed over all (# censored so you don’t judge me for frivolous spending and superficial reading habits) of my magazine subscriptions to the new address. It was the first move-related thing I did after we signed the papers at the closing. Priorities, people. Priorities. My friends at Vanity Fair and New York Magazine, among others, now know exactly where to find me.

2. I have selected, purchased and scheduled delivery for two-yes two-matching sofas for our new living room. Having two parallel sofas has been a dream of mine since I saw Father of the Bride Part II.

Now if we could juuuust figure out a way to convince my mom to have another baby. At the same time time as me…

Here are a couple of designer examples of the two sofa scenario. I think the setup is ideal for conversations and entertaining.

Source: Urban Grace Interiors

Source: Nathan Egan Interiors

Source: Somewhere on the WWW.

So come on over anytime! We can read magazines while we lounge parallel on the sofas. I’ll make you mini muffins.


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