It’s a…

2011 December 23
by Jennifer

It’s a…

Well, we don’t know yet. But we are finding out in TWO DAYS!  I am beside myself with excitement. Here’s the plan:

Yesterday we went to the doctor for the big ultrasound where they measure arms and legs and count fingers and toes and, if you so desire, reveal the gender of your little one.  We turned our heads when our baby was flashing the camera to avoid seeing anything indecent and instead had the ultrasound technician print the pic and write down “boy” or “girl” and place it in a sealed envelope.

Next we went to the most scrumptious baby store, B Braithwaite, and picked out something for a newborn baby boy and a newborn baby girl.

We gave the kind shop girl our envelope and let her in on our plan.  We left the store and headed out for lunch while she opened the envelope and wrapped the appropriate gift.

Now our pink or blue baby present sits under the tree waiting for us to open it on Christmas morning.  We can’t wait.


*No peeking or shaking or snooping allowed.


*That message was mainly intended for me.

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