2015 November 29
by Jennifer

I had to pop in to let you know that we did it. We hosted our first family Thanksgiving and I think everyone left feeling full of gravy and gratitude.

Here is a quick rundown, by the numbers:

  • 2 turkeys, one smoked one roasted
  • 8 side dishes

the spread

  • 6 miles walked in circles around my own kitchen
  • 3 delicious desserts


  • 12 sticks of butter
  • 2 kinds of potatoes
  • 5 children, 3 with teeth eating at the kids table

kids table

  • 1(minor) head injury to one child (mine)
  • 2 bottles of bubbly and way more than 2 bottles of wine
  • 9 adults sitting around the dining room table

thanksgiving table

  • 18,263 hours spent doing dishes
  • Amillion things to be thankful for

As the last guest walked out the door, I closed it, exhaled…and started singing this.



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