Mommy, I have a question

2016 February 29
by Jennifer

I love seeing my three-year-old daughter’s little wheels turn as she tries to figure out the world around her. Much of that churning comes in the form of a barrage of questions, aimed at me, over the course of the day. At home, in the car, wherever we are–I am peppered with questions asked by a curious girl with the sweetest little raspy voice.

magna master

Just to mark this moment in time, I wrote down a portion of the questions I had to answer yesterday. Between our house and Target.

  • Can cats swim?
  • Can dogs swim?
  • When can we get a cat?
  • Why can’t we have a cat?
  • Does everyone in our neighborhood like rainbows?
  • Can I have six brothers and six sisters?
  • Can I watch something before my nap?
  • Was I born in a stable?
  • Who is my fairy godmother?
  • Can I have a snack?
  • So what do you think daddy is doing right now?  How about right now?
  • What do seals eat?
  • Who eats penguins?
  • You don’t know much about polar bears, do you mom?
  • What is heaven like?
  • Do I have to take a bath today? And tomorrow?
  • Where is Cinderella’s real mommy?
  • What happened to Anna and Elsa’s mommy?
  • Today would be a perfect day for a picnic at the beach, right mommy?
  • Should we use some tape to make Hallie’s socks stay on her feet?
  • What are birds afraid of?
  • Does Jesus live in Winnie the Pooh’s heart?
  • Why did you honk?
  • Where is that car going?
  • Well do you have a guess?
  • Why are we going this way?
  • The Big Bad Wolf wont be able to blow down that brick house, will he mom?
  • Macaroni is healthy for you, right mommy?
  • What are we going to do after my nap?
  • Is tomorrow the weekend?
  • So what’s our plan?
  • When will I be 4?
  • Mommy, am I pretty special? (yes. definitely yes)

Know that this is just a tiny fraction of the questions I am asked daily. Sprinkle in a few dozen “what does that sign say,” “how do you spells,” “where is my,” why can’t I”…as well as some clearly erroneous statements followed by “right mommy?” and you get a more accurate picture of the sheer quantity.

…And if I answer, “I don’t know”  she ALWAYS follows up with, “Well, do you have a guess?”

Having little babies is obviously physically exhausting. The wrangling, carrying, dressing, schlepping and cajoling to get little ones from point A to point B is quite draining. But by three, the physical demands on the mother have been replaced with verbal demands. By the end of the day I am verbally exhausted–though completely and thoroughly and utterly entertained.



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