Maid of Honour

2011 August 16

These days I play a multitude of roles: adoring wife, loving daughter, diligent employee, new neighbor, happy homeowner and MOST IMPORTANTLY, at least according to Emily Post, Maid of Honor.

((Well technically I am the Matron of Honor but in my book, the word ‘matron’ is synonymous to a plus-size nightgown with sleeves.))

Yes, I proudly hold the title of Matron Maid of Honor in my little sister’s upcoming wedding.   My job thus far has mostly consisted of engaging two of my passions—giving my opinion and offering advice.

As in:  I love those flowers, please ensure that one layer of the cake is carrot with cream cheese frosting, say no to dye-to-match shoes, I would rather not plan or take part in a bridesmaid’s jog the morning of the wedding, I vote for shrimp and grits! And tenderloin! no “electric slide” etc.


Fortunately the bride, the MOH and our wonderful parents (who are funding this grand adventure) all agree on two main things:

Music: SO important.  Incite the people dance, I say!  How? You play music that gives them no option but to move.  And lead by example. We are delighted that a band oozing with soul is making a trip to Atlanta from New Orleans for the big day. Odds are that they will not disappoint. ((It seems I have inordinately strong and perhaps controversial thoughts on the topic of a wedding band’s do not playlist that I’ve thoroughly outlined on a past post.))

Cue my all-time favorite wedding reception dance tune:

Menu:  In a word, feed the people! Passed apps and a cheese spread do not a meal make. As a family, we agree that we want wedding guests to know they have eaten dinner.  This does not require a sit-down formal dinner, and in fact we prefer that it doesn’t.  But it does involve more than taquitos, tuna tartare and Bellini’s.  We have officially failed if guests feel the need to swing by the Steak n’ Shake drive thru on their way home from the reception.

With the wedding a mere two months away, the planning of the blessed union and surrounding events is certainly in full swing.  Invitations have been mailed, and sample hair dos were tested last weekend. There have been dress fittings and cake tastings and flower picking, oh my!


What has not been done is arguably the single most important task on this Maid of Honor’s list:  planning my rehearsal dinner toast.  It gives me hives and hot flashes just to think about it.  How do you sum up your love for a little sister? To try to tell her how much she means to you? In front of a large audience?  While you are trying not to cry so your face isn’t blotchy and puffy on the day of the wedding?

I am officially shaking in my boots Mizuno Wave Elixir 7s.

((remember the Wave Elixir 6 SAGA? They are apparently out to get me)).

Champagne will help but it’s not going to be easy.

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  1. August 30, 2011

    Ooooh the grand speech! I’ve always wondered what my maid of honour will say, and also what i’ll say about my best friend when she gets married!! Exciting!

  2. October 13, 2011

    It actually went really well! I’m lucky that my sister is wonderful and I didn’t have a hard time coming up with kind things to say about her!

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