No More Trouble Zones

2010 February 1
by Jennifer

I got the workout video “No More Trouble Zones” for Christmas this year. Don’t worry. I asked for it by name and sent My Man the link to purchase it. Boy oh boy would we have a problem if that was under the tree and not on my wish list…a not so subtle hint to wrapped in pretty paper is no way to celebrate the Holiday.

Here is my review:

The format: Warm-up. Seven circuits that combine upper and lower body muscle groups. Much deserved cool down

You need: Light hand weights. In a pinch use water bottles or soup cans. An exercise mat or blanket

Overall I recommend this video. Although it is not jump up and down cardio, I found my heart rate was elevated throughout. (And furthermore, I feel like a bit of a ninny doing all the jumping aerobics at home. We have a kind gentleman banker who lives below us who would not appreciate feeling like his ceiling is about to cave in.) I am more drawn to the home workouts that are about toning.

I did the video once with Jillian’s instruction and now I mute her and provide my own soundtrack. Muting her, however, can’t silence the ankle tat.

Let’s zoom in on that, shall we?

Jillian comes across a little macho for my taste. A far cry from the ladylike jane fonda of the VHS tapes of my youth; she is a great instructor nonetheless. Who knows? Maybe Jane has an ankle tat too, only it is hidden under the legwarmers.

The video ain’t easy ladies. I used 3 pound weights and felt the burn. I would recommend wearing some womens workout shorts and a tank top because it gets pretty hot, although I wasn’t drenched in sweat afterwards-meaning that a shower wasn’t necessary before going out in public. Gotta love that. This may be because we keep our home at a cool 65 degrees… It is a great workout and goes by pretty fast because you do so many different exercises. There was a lot of core work, some killer lunges and every arm muscle (triceps, biceps and shoulders got some attention). At the end I felt like all of the major muscle groups had been worked.

I will have to deduct a few points because the video claims to be 40 minutes. I don’t know what kind of watch Jill uses, but the workout clocked 55 minutes. Maybe she doesn’t include warm up and cool down but I do.

The gym in January is not somewhere I want to be. Fighting the resolutioners for the elliptical machines is not my scene. So if you want a great workout in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price of a gym membership, this is for you.

Available for purchase here.