Back in the Swing

2010 May 4
by Jennifer

Re-immersion after a week of vacation can be uncomfortable, awkward and even dangerous. We took the necessary safety precautions when we opened our work email inboxes Sunday afternoon.  We didn’t know what to expect from Outlook after a blissful week with no Internet and spotty cell phone service.

Facing the working world again was pretty smooth, only we should have worn full body armor instead of just helmets.  Moments later I burned my entire hand on the oven and My Man stepped on one of my cute bumblebee pushpins.  I had to do some minor surgery to remove it from his foot. There was bloodshed.

For weeks now, we have been literally counting down the days to the beach, so upon our return we were both a little down and out.  I’m one of those who operates out of the here is what I have to look forward to mentality.  I think I have always been that way.  When I was in elementary school, I remember looking forward to Art on Mondays and Wednesdays and PE on Fridays.  I would save my favorite brightly colored warm-up suit for that special day when both classes were together for PE, as doing so enabled me to make a fashion impact on the larger audience.  In that spirit and to help get me over the hump and back into the groove, I jotted down a quick list of things I have to look forward to:

  • My friend Marie’s wedding is in less than two weeks.  She is one of a kind, a beauty inside and out, the best dancer on the dancefloor, and she makes me laugh harder than just about anyone.  I can’t wait to celebrate her marriage to the luckiest man I know.  (Plus the bridesmaid’s dresses are pretty dang cute).

  • Mad Men Season III is out on DVD. This will be purchased when Borders sends me one of those 40% off coupons. I’m waiting very patiently.

  • Lots of fun party invitations came in the mail while we were out of town.  Oh how I love parties and oh how I love getting fun things in the mail! Hint hint.

  • We get to go on a beach getaway with my family at the end of the month!  My parents are really good at vacation, and my sister and her Main Man will be there too.
  • The Bachelorette will be back on TV soon.  It’s no secret that Ali was a caddy B. who made an attempt to seem like a sweet and innocent nice girl when she realized she was contending for the role of the next Bachelorette.  I wasn’t fooled one bit.  I saw it happen and it made me want to upchuck.  I also prefer the Bachelor to the Bachelorette, because a houseful of unstable women is a lot more interesting to watch than a houseful of guys having push-up contests.  But I’d be lyin’ if I said that any of the aforementioned gripes would stop me from tuning in.   Hey oh May 24!

  • My friend Meredith is having baby #2 in a matter of weeks!  I I can’t wait to meet the little one.
  • And there’s always breakfast. Every day it delights me anew.

Not a bad list, not a bad list at all!  And a long walk with a good playlist of random funky deliciousness always gets me back in the groove.  (Today it includes this down beat: Young Cash (ft. T-Pain & Iceburg) – Sometimes )

Ice cream helps too.

2 Responses
  1. May 5, 2010

    Hahahaha you are amazing. This song is exquisite. The helmets? Exquisite, too. Mad Men Season Three? I AM READY. So maybe I’m falling in love with you. Too much too soon? I tend to do that.

  2. May 5, 2010

    I love the row of cereals. I have an array in my pantry too! (plus those helmets are too funny!)

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