Guilty Pleasure Thursday: Old Mix CD Edition

2010 September 16

I stopped by my parents’ house on Sunday 1. because I love them (hi mom!) and 2. because my mom said, “we have tons of delicious leftovers for yall from the party—fruit, brownies, muffins, extra…” by the time she finished the sentence I was already in their driveway.  It seems that I have a college boy mentality when it comes to free food. Thankfully the promise of an open bar doesn’t lure me places as quickly as it once did. Progress?

Anyway, while I was at my parents’ house stocking up like a storm was coming, I took a peek in my childhood bedroom to check things out. Every time I am there I notice that they have taken one more step towards completely depersonalizing it.  First it was taking down my artfully framed classic Rolling Stone Magazine covers, and then it was replacing the carpet due to a pre-prom self-tanning incident that got a little out of hand.  On Sunday I noticed that there were no glow in the dark stars on the ceiling—my planetarium had been given a fresh coat of white paint. And tucked in the corner of my closet I found stacks and stacks of CDs and nearly a dozen CaseLogics (remember those?) that used to sit by the stereo (also gone) on the chest across from the bed. On my way out, I grabbed two small cases full of old CDs—mostly mixes from the mid to late 90s.  Surely an auditory walk down memory lane would keep the memories alive that my parents, in all of their empty nesting glory, are working to squelch.

So on this Guilty Pleasure Thursday, I thought I would share some of the tunes I have come across while listening to old mixes this week.  It has surely made sitting in Atlanta traffic a lot more enjoyable.  If you see a white girl jamming to Nelly like it’s 1999, roll down your window and say hi to me.

And off we go. Parental discretion is advised:

From the “Songs that pump me up to do great things vol. II” Mix

  • Slade “Run Runaway”—also the first song I downloaded on Napster

From the “Your Biology Test is Tomorrow, Why are you Making a Mix CD?” Mix

From the “Old School Flavors” Mix

From the “Don’t Mind if I Do” Mix

From the “Is this a Permanent Marker?” Mix

From the “Driving to Nashville” Mix

From the single-yes, single- with the same title:

From “Bedtime for Bonzo” Mix

I left those two black CD cases sitting on the front seat of my car overnight two nights in a row.  Ten years ago I would have heard glass breaking and my car alarm sounding to wake up the neighborhood.  In the days of yore, my children, someone on the underground would have been eating well after a lucrative trip to the pawn shop with those in tow. These days, you couldn’t pay a neerdowell to take a few cases of old CDs.  Their loss!  Right…? Right?

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  1. Belen Jonker permalink
    September 22, 2010

    Ugh…is it bad that I don’t know any of these songs? I keep telling myself that maybe if I heard them, I would know them. I just hope I was as cool as “Jennifer White” was in high school 🙂 Can just see you in jammin’ out in your car. Good times.

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