Not your average bachelorette party

2011 July 29

When you think Bachelorette party, what first comes to mind?

Limousines? Strippers? Strobe lights?

The bachelorette party I attended last weekend for my soul sister, Kristin, was none of those things-but it was ohsomuch better.

We headed to the quaint mountain town of Highlands, North Carolina to stay the weekend at the Bride-To-Be’s family farm. While we lacked access to nightclubs, strippers disguised as park rangers or police men, DJs, and even cell phone service for that matter, we were by no means roughing it.

We had delicious dinners that lasted hours

Cocktails o’ plenty on the beautiful porch

Ice cream

Rope swinging

All-around general merriment and my (unsuccessful) attempts to outshine the maid of honor.

We even made friendship bracelets to commemorate the occasion. Because we are the most popular girls in junior high.

And clearly got carried away vajazziling everything in sight.

The Bride To Be even taught me how to play backgammon one lazy morning. Take that, Las Vegas.

And of course, there was a surprise lingerie shower. Kristin decided to model each piece of negligee as she opened it. How thoughtful!

You wouldn’t have guessed it by looking at her, but the sister of the groom chose the most salacious piece. Just a wool scarf made of the family tartan. Yep, just a scarf. Let that mental image set in for a moment because there will be no picture.

The most special part of the weekend was Saturday night when we each read a letter we had written to Kristin.

None of us knew that we would be reading the letters out loud (the MOH neglected to include that tidbit in her instructions), but that actually made it even better. The letters were filled with sweet and hilarious stories, affirmations of love for the happy couple, and reasons why Kristin is such a special friend, sister and future sister-in-law. Not a dry eye in the place.

And this particular bachelorette weekend was made that much better for this reason-

I knew all of the bridal party already! Kristin’s sisters feel like my sisters and her friends have become my friends through the years. Dorothy, the sister of the groom was the only girl I didn’t know going into the weekend, but she certainly won my good favor with her choice of lingerie. Not to mention that her letter to Kristin tore. the. house. down. Dorothy, you made me laugh, you revealed you have a naughty streak, and you made my eyes misty tears of joy and gratitude. Well done, Dorothy!

Bottom line: Kristin has great taste in friends.

For many of us, this weekend was not about meeting new friends, it was about spending time with old ones. Is it terrible of me to confess that that’s my favorite kind?

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  1. Belen permalink
    August 26, 2011

    So fun to see all you girls together! Makes me smile. Hope you’re doing well, Jennifer!

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