Road Test

2010 July 22

I may have a case of self diagnosis-osis, but one thing I am sure of is my chronic case of motion sickness.  Extreme nausea is inevitable when I travel on curvy roads, in taxi cabs, backety-backs of station wagons and in cars with bad smells. I would rather drink a whole bottle of nasty green NyQuil than go deep sea fishing with you. But thanks for the invite.  That was so thoughtful!   What kind of ungrateful child seriously contemplated suicide on a luxurious sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands? This one.

(Apologies-I got a little carried away putting an X on things that induce nausea. )

I have tried all of the o.t.c. meds with no success. Although taking Dramamine may relieve motion sickness, the side effects make me feel like an unstable self-medicating has-been child actor who mixed up her am and pm “prescriptions.”

Worse than nausea, to be sure.

Because I didn’t want to arrive at our destination feeling like a Lohan, I decided to do take the homeopathic route this go round.   So on the way to the Carolina mountains last weekend I did a little product test–

Sea Bands. The box says that they work for motion sickness, sea sickness and morning sickness.  A lifetime investment, really.

Through some sort of voodoo witchcraft called “acupressure” they press on a secret vein and effectively make you not want to end it right now when you are on curvy roads (or at sea or with child).

Price: $9ish. Worth it.

Side Effects:  None.  Other than a few side eyes when I walked into Zaxby’s with intense wristbands, but no long term damage.

Style Points: Zero.  Just be sure your ensemble compliments the sensible gray band.

The verdict:  Two enthusiastic thumbs up.  No nausea!