BIG News!

2011 November 9
by Jennifer

I have been keeping a little secret from you. And I’m not very good at keeping secrets. (Unless of course, you tell me “don’t tell anyone,” then I am a steel vault.)  So, the exciting news is that…

I’m pregnant!


((Oh. So my mom’s already told you? I’m not surprised. She spilled the beans to her friends, total strangers, and even told our waiter at Jaliscos when I had her strictly under don’t tell anyone restrictions. First time grandparents…Whatcanyado?))

Our Little Love Child is due May 2nd and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Here I am on the day we found out.  It just so happened to be Labor Day weekend, because even God gets a kick out of a good pun.


I still can’t believe it and I have to remind myself that this is really happening.  We feel beyond blessed.  When I went to the doctor last week I was shocked to see the baby on the monitor actually looking like a human person.  It made it all so real and I felt tears rolling down the side of my face. I love him/her so much already.

  (baby profile)

(teeny tiny baby hand)

Now this may be the hormones talking, but I want to clarify a few things.  No, we are not pregnant. I am pregnant. WE are having a baby and WE are going to be parents. See the difference? Also, I am not preggers, preggo, a prego, etc. Preggers and any iteration of the term sounds like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. Eeekkkkss.  I am simply pregnant, expecting a baby, or with child (biblically). Praise the Good Lord.

Onto the FAQs!

How was the first trimester? I was totally exhausted most every day and had bouts with nausea but I never threw up.  I had zero energy and most days when My Man got home from work he found me laying on the sofa with my Seabands on. The package says they work for carsickness and morning sickness—what a value! Now that the first trimester is over, I can definitely say I did not feel like myself but I still think I had it pretty good, compared to some horror stories I have heard. 

Any cravings? New episodes of Mad Men damnit! Wickles. Cereal. Warm weather.  An iPad.

Are you going to find out the sex of the baby? Yes! If all goes according to plan, we will find out on Christmas day.

Are you going to find out who the father is? No, we want to be surprised.

Hehe. Just kidding. I think I have narrowed it down to this guy:


How far along are you? I’ll be 4 months next week. (that is 15.5 weeks to anyone who has been pregnant before and has switched their brain over to the metric system. I know when someone tells me they are 23 weeks I need to get out a pen and paper to do some long division to figure out what that actually means.  So I’ll tell it to you in months and spare you the mental math.)

Are you showing? Any baby bump to speak of? To the trained eye, yes. My stomach is not how it was 4 months ago. My Man can definitely tell.  But to the untrained eye, I suppose I look like I just ate a large Mexican feast.

How many at home pregnancy tests did you take before you really believed that you were pregnant? Seven. Is that normal? Assuming it would be negative like others I have taken in the past, we decided not to waste our money on the name brand and I tossed a cheapo box of Fact Plus in the cart at the grocery store. My Man and I inspected the test after I took it and couldn’t decipher the results. Both Fact Plus tests were vaaaaaaguely potentially positive if you tilted your head and looked close enough. I was cursing myself for being a Frugal McDougal as I devoured the crappy instructions in English and Spanish hoping for some answers. Then I anxiously sent My Man back to the store to buy a name brand while I chugged water.  When he came back I took every test in the First Response box and every one was clearly positive!! Dancing and hugging ensued.

Are you excited? Yes! I am thrilled—My Man is thrilled. We just can’t believe we have been blessed with such joy. Life is really good, and it is going to be even better. (Different…but better.)

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  1. Debbie Gray permalink
    November 10, 2011

    Yes, your mom spilled the beans! I mean how can she be expected to keep that kind of secret! Surely you know her and your dad better than that! So happy for you both and are thrilled that the baby is due on May 2nd – our anniversary!

  2. Sydney permalink
    November 10, 2011

    Congrats Jen!! Happy day.

  3. Tara Verdigets permalink
    November 14, 2011

    Congratulations! I am SO happy for you! We are expecting baby girl #2 in March! They can be friends (or date)! LOL!

  4. November 14, 2011

    Thanks, Tara! Our babies will definitely either be friends or lovers. So exciting!!

  5. Aunt Ken permalink
    November 16, 2011

    I have been waiting for this post!! I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to meet this child!!! (and see the mexican feast baby bump in the meantime!)

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