Things Worth Dancing About

2011 September 30
by Jennifer

Remember when I used to be a blogger?

I consistently kept you on the edge of your seat with my recounts of must-see reality tv, workout DVD reviews, cookie recipes, tales of the old landlord, and the newest condiments you need to consume right now. I feel like I owe you one.  Like I need to take one for the team and humble myself before my loyal readers to make amends for my month of silence.

Should I try to say nice things about someone I have lightly bashed? Like Ryan Seacrest or Kelly Killoren Bensimon?

Maybe I should show you my face without makeup like Kathie Lee and Hoda did? (I guess I already did that)


How about I share a mildly embarrassing video of myself dancing?  Would that even the score? It is certainly worth a shot to get back on your good side.

A few disclaimers:

  • I just found this gem on the computer and it was in no way created for public consumption. But that’s how much I love ya.
  • The video was taken in the old house last March. (My Man filmed it to test our FlipCam)
  • Yes.  The video was taken in March and there are Christmas decorations in the background. I love my artsy manger scene so much I didn’t have the heart to take it down immediately after Christmas, or even in the remote vicinity of Christmas.
  • The song, not on the billboard chart for top dance tracks, is called “I Am John” by the band Loney, Dear. I dig the beat.
  • Sorry if you wasted two of your precious minutes watching the whole thing.

Now, we’re even.

That brings me to my list of big and little things going on lately that are worth dancing about:

My friend Kristin got married in Highlands, North Carolina.  The wedding, in a word: Gorgeous. Delicious.  Beautiful. Joyful.


Pumpkin season is upon us, and with that comes a bounty of pumpkin baked goods.  Want something healthy-ish and pumpkiny delicious? Make this.  Want something unhealthy and pumpkin delicious, make these.

My man has embraced yard work–raking, mowing and mulching. Look (and swoon) at his handy work:

New seasons of some of my favorite shows have started: Parenthood, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, Sister Wives, etc.

BUT most importantly, my little sister is getting married in a week! A week!

And there will definitely, definitely be dancing.


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